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Institution Background

Sahakrinpheap Microfinance PLC has a history from non - governmental organizations and undertaken to provide its own financial services with the permit from Ministry of Interior ,​ No 1128.​ SRK dated July 27,​ 2011 in providing microfinance services . The company has been officially licensed as a microfinance institution from the National Bank of Cambodia No . 51,​ dated May 7,​ 2015,​ to provide financial services operations to help improve the living standards of the people in community to be better and to contribute to socioeconomic development as a whole .​


A leading microfinance institution in providing financial services to improve the living conditions of Cambodian society with a sense of well - being and sustainability .​


A microfinance institution that provides micro ,​ small and medium - sized financial services ,​ professional and high transparency to economic activists targeted to become a successful entrepreneur .​

Core Value of Employees

  • Honestly
  • Discipline
  • Willing work
  • Ability
  • Team work